Ongoing Programs

The need to care for the helpless, encourage the hopeless and to seek and save the lost is ever present, and we are ever ready.

The Wood Workshop project began as a way to teach young men and women how to make things with their hands while also investing in the community around them.

Regen Foundation is a nonprofit organization that relies solely on donations for all that we do. We strongly believe that it is important to function as a faith-based organization that seeks to impact society through community effort. We want to encourage more people to join our journey.

We also believe that part of being a good steward is to manage your resources well. God gives us blessings, but we must be good stewards of all that He invests in us. Therefore, we had the idea of creating a project that would empower us to train people, offer jobs and also cover some of the administrative expenses we have as a NGO.

The wood shop began with the help of a few people with big hearts. The Haggard family was one of the main families who invested their lives, money and relationships towards this project. They have raised money from family and friends in order to purchase all the necessary tools and machinery for setting up a wood workshop. Even more, they came and lived in Romania for a few months in order to set everything up for us. Now the wood shop is a place where people can receive training in carpentry and learn what it means to work in a job setting. We have already made a few products in our shop. Our prayer and desire is to see the wood shop grow and become a way of investing in many young men and women while younger kids the value of working with their own hands.


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