Ongoing Programs

The need to care for the helpless, encourage the hopeless and to seek and save the lost is ever present, and we are ever ready.

The Shine Little Stars (SLS) program seeks to invest in the lives of 15 selected students in a deeper way, by building closer relationships with them, enhancing their education and bringing the hope of the Gospel.

The Shine Little Stars program began when our team decided that we need to invest in the children who attend our Homework Clubs in a deeper way. Mirela, a primary school teacher at the best school in our town, selected 15 children from the Homework Club in Combinat to be students in our higher-level program, Shine Little Stars (SLS). The purpose of the SLS program is to help participants excel in school and discourage school drop-outs. Even though it is a long-term investment, our desire at Regen is to do our best to teach children how to study and how to think.

During this whole process, our aim is to create as many teachable moments where we can share with kids about the tremendous transforming power of the Good News of Jesus. We discuss with the students the importance of having a life which is founded on God and teach that trusting in Jesus as Savior gives us the assurance of everlasting life.

The SLS program takes place in the classroom located in our local facility called the Regen Center. Our classroom is equipped with a computer, video projector, white board, tables, chairs, a small kitchen and two bathrooms. At the next level, above the classroom the children have access to an educational play room with a wide variety of board games and educational games.

The Structure of a Daily Lesson:

Hygiene time on arrival - washing hands (10 min), main starting activity - the story of the day – presenting the lesson and the objectives of the lesson - 30 min, snack break (15 min), secondary activity – role play/worksheets (40 min), free activities – coloring, puzzle, board games.


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